A husband and his younger wife were playing golf one afternoon when the husband sliced his drive deep into the woods. Arriving at the ball they were astonished to find an Aladdin's lamp and a masuline Genie with a golden turban standing next to the ball. Kneeling to the man the Genie said,
"I've been trapped in that lamp for 300 years until your ball rubbed up against it. Thank you master. I will now grant you 3 wishes. What is your 1st wish?"
Confused but excited, the man thought long and hard before he decided, "I want to be extremely wealthy, one of the richest men in the world!"
"Granted!" replied the Genie. "From now on, every time you write a check, by the time it reach's the bank, no matter how big, it will clear. And your 2nd wish?"
The man thought for a while and finally said, "Yes, I want to be the greatest golfer in the world!"
"Granted! Starting with the next hole, every time you hit your 'birdie' shot, no matter how far or where from, it will go in the hole. And your 3rd wish master?"
The golfer thought for a minute but before he could come up with anything the Genie asked, "Excuse me Master, if you would be so kind, could I possibly have your 3rd wish?"
"Why of course!" Exclaimed the man, "You've given me so much, go right ahead!"
"Well, I've been trapped for 300 years in this lamp without a woman." said the Genie looking at them both.
"I'm so embarrassed, but could I possibly have a few moments alone with your wife?"
The man looked at his beautiful wife, she smiled and shrug her shoulders and the man exclaimed, "You've given me so much, why sure! If I'm the richest man in the world and the greatest golfer in the world, what else could I possibly want? Go right ahead Genie." He then turned to his wife and said, "I'll be on the next tee dear." and drove the cart back to the fairway whistling, leaving his wife and handsome Genie alone.
They were immediately attracted, disrobed and instantly began making mad, passionate love. A few moments into their coupling the Genie looked down at the wife and asked, "How old is your husband?"
"45, why do you ask?" said the wife.
"45" said the Genie shaking his head, "and still believes in Genies."
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