Laurel and Hardy clinging to each other atop a city skyline. The no fear poster boys of yesteryear. Classic humor. laurel and hardy, lclassic humor, old school, film stras, comedy, humor, email, jokes, terror, hitchcock, oliver hardy, stan laurel, classic humor, old movies.

"As a child I got into a habit that I still have. Lobby watching. I sit in the lobby and I watch people. I like to watch people. Once in a while someone will ask me where Stan and I dreamed up the characters we play in the movies. They seem to think that those two fellows aren't like anybody else, but there are plenty of Laurels and Hardys in the world. Whenever I travel, I am still in the habit of sitting in the lobby and watching the people walk by -- and I tell you, I see many Laurels and Hardys. I used to see them in my mother's hotel when I was a kid: the dumb, dumb guy who never has anything bad happen to him -- and the smart, smart guy who's dumber than the dumb guy only he doesn't know it." ~Oliver Hardy
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