Top 10 Questions Janet Reno Has For President Clinton
10. "Can I borrow your razor?"
9. "Mr. President, why aren't you wearing any pants?"
8. "Feelin' lucky? Well, are ya, punk?"
7. "Would you please stop calling me 'dude'?"
6. "Do you have Jennifer Flowers' home number?"
5. "When did you first learn of the plan to fill the Disney Store with bunnies?"
4. "Ever seen an Attorney General crush a beer can on her forehead?"
3. "Why do you giggle every time I use the word 'probe'?"
2. "Can you recommend a good 'Big and Tall' store?"
1. "Wanna wrestle?"
Janet Reno Clone. Funny saturday night live picture with Will Ferrell as Janet Reno in a dress and top 10 questions for Bill Clinton.
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